Sunday, January 27, 2013

Jogjakarta :D - "More Then Journey, More Then Traveling"

January is a month that be awaited  by several or may be all student in Islamic University of Bandung. Yap, same as Student of Bidik Misi 2011 in that university. on the 11-14 of January ago. Student of Bidik Misi 2011 UIN Bandung went to Yogyakarta, Central Java.
"More Than Journey, More Than Holiday" be a theme of that Traveling. as much as three bus stand by in the campus at 5 o'clock P.M. all participant that is all scholarship of Bidik Misi student also come one by one to campus to make a registration of send-off.Their face are so happy, some girls student has come together and collect together while talking, laughing together, they so happy.
oh yap, we come together for start to the Mosque of UIN. because the registration there and that is part of all provision from all crew that traveling.
The Bus in front of campus

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Be a Great Motivation, for our selves !!!

someday, someone ask to us about his/her problem. with enthusiasm we give the best our opinion, we give our the best motivation so that person feel better then before. that person can get his/her spirit to move on. spirit to do her/his activities and ready to face on the life.
yap, we are a smart person ti motivate another person. we are eligible to make another person get spirit to life. but the question is ? have U finish become a great motivation for yourself? have us become a great motivation for ourselves?
guys, in my religion there are one sentence that make me think to be better then before. that is " The big thing that so hard to face on is face our selves" . ok, we try and struggle to give the best performance when we meet with someone or everybody, but how if you alone and so far away from the people?  .

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


As we know Indonesia is a big country, beautiful country and a beneficial country. Indonesian people has a joke "Tanah kayu dan batu jadi tanaman" it's mean The earth ,woods, and stone can be plant, can be a source of life.
The tourism Indonesia so rich and beautiful, from earth and sea. flora and fauna. and so on.
but the big question is, when indonesia will be one of all from the First Country or developed country.
we all can see, unemployment and poverty very widespread in Indonesia. and of course that phenomenon bring so many factor of trouble in a social life of Indonesia Citizen. one of all that is The Crime.

Monday, January 7, 2013

I have Alot of Dreams

January 2013 has come. Holiday in my face. Smile from my lips always come every I think about it. Holiday oh holiday. I can break my be loved activities, I can break my soul from all  dirty of activities pollution.
This year, as usually every holiday end semester test. I will go to my town. From my Amazing Bandung to My wonderful Pelabuhanratu, sukabumi.Honestly, I write it. I have iat my beloved hose. My heaven in the world. At home with family. Mother, father, brothers and sister.
Well, may be you can’t found something special in my house. Whatever, for me all of my house is special. One of all if you come to my bedroom. The left of the door you will found a picture on the wall. Just

A Short Story of Y2S

I have two best friends in my town, pelabuhanratu sukabumi. We all are boy. We made our gathering with name Y2S. That is a lenght from Yedi, Yosef, adn saepul. Yeah, that are our name. We know each other since we are on the elementary school. Every moment we doing together, studying, traveling, and paying any kinde of games we can do.
After passing the elementary school. We collect together and school on the same junior high school. SMPN 1 Cikakak it’s our junior high school in 2005. Yedi and I going to be a classmate. But Yosef, he join with another class according enouncements from the head master of the school.
In that time, our friendship more like a family than before. We often talking together about our dreams, what we can do in the future and everything. We lough together and happy always happy.