Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Be a Great Motivation, for our selves !!!

someday, someone ask to us about his/her problem. with enthusiasm we give the best our opinion, we give our the best motivation so that person feel better then before. that person can get his/her spirit to move on. spirit to do her/his activities and ready to face on the life.
yap, we are a smart person ti motivate another person. we are eligible to make another person get spirit to life. but the question is ? have U finish become a great motivation for yourself? have us become a great motivation for ourselves?
guys, in my religion there are one sentence that make me think to be better then before. that is " The big thing that so hard to face on is face our selves" . ok, we try and struggle to give the best performance when we meet with someone or everybody, but how if you alone and so far away from the people?  .
ok, we can make everybody move on with our idea and our opinion. but how with ourselves if we get a trouble?
of course , sometimes we must struggle harder to face our selves. not rare person get give up to face on their selves. it's so sad.
I want to share to you, several step so we can motivate our selves get better life and do our usual activities.

1. optimist that you CAN do anything (positive thing) 
    I always optimist that I can. if I see everybody can get the better life, Optimist me too.
    I optimist with all i do, study, active in organization, in community, i optimist i can do that better.
    I optimist, that I'am is a great creature who create by God in this Universe
    I optimist, that God give me something Ridiculous and Extraordinary in my life 
2.  Confidence with what you Optimist it
    I always confident with what I do, with what I want, whit what my dreams.
3. Study from the last time
   Last is last, and get and take your bright future.
   I always study with what the last happen in me. I try to evaluate what I do, what I say, etc.
4. make a note, for your future
   I write i want, I write my dreams , all my dreams in the wall at my bedroom
   I write what must I do tommorow

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