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Jogjakarta :D - "More Then Journey, More Then Traveling"

January is a month that be awaited  by several or may be all student in Islamic University of Bandung. Yap, same as Student of Bidik Misi 2011 in that university. on the 11-14 of January ago. Student of Bidik Misi 2011 UIN Bandung went to Yogyakarta, Central Java.
"More Than Journey, More Than Holiday" be a theme of that Traveling. as much as three bus stand by in the campus at 5 o'clock P.M. all participant that is all scholarship of Bidik Misi student also come one by one to campus to make a registration of send-off.Their face are so happy, some girls student has come together and collect together while talking, laughing together, they so happy.
oh yap, we come together for start to the Mosque of UIN. because the registration there and that is part of all provision from all crew that traveling.
The Bus in front of campus

The Bus in front of Campus

Our Guide
at 08.30 P.M we start the traveling and leave our campus. we pray together, and happy together. and we are not alone, each bus has 2 until 3 teacher and guide to guide us during the event.we also used same  jacket, our jacket as student of Bidik Misi UIN. about 11 o'clock P.M . we all together arrived in one rest area, that is in Tasik malaya .we break for a moment until about 30 minute, and come back again to the bus and continue our trip to Yogyakarta.

Yogyakarta :D !!! 
About 4 O'clock we arrived In yogyakarta. can call it as first day we in Yogyakarta, but wait for a moment, firstly we layover in a big restaurant that is "Paradise Restaurant". so many activities we did there before we go to the tourism area in our schedule. we ate delicious food, pray dawn, take a bath and of course something fun has happened at that time.
what is that? Yes, The crew divided us become several group, each group take one motion for the end of time we presentation our each motion in front all participant. and WAW..!!! it's so fun, all student and even teacher and guide feel so happy. 
Eat Together :)

Eat Together :)
Discuss Together
Discuss Together
as you know we presentation is not in the building or auditorium. we just collect together in one field as page of the restaurant, so hot but so happy. HOT and FUN in the morning :)
our activities not stop until there, about 8 o'clock we leave the restaurant and beck to the bus and start trip to "GOA PINDUL-Jogjakarta" 
Say Hallo to Goa Pindul :D !!!

Welcome to Goa Pindul-Jogja :)
Well, firstly do you know about Goa Pindul? . well i will explain you a simple description about Goa Pindul. Goa Pindul is one of all tourism area in Yogyakarta, the location of this place there is at dusun Gelaran, Bejiharjo, Karangmojo, Gunungkidul, Yogyakarta, Indonesia. this tourism  is water tourism, like a rafting, all tourist used float, ride by inner tube as body float. if the rafting on the open river and use large current river but if the Goa Pindul Tourism we enjoy with calm water.  
and Finally, we all arrived at Goa Pindul. hmm...we get a welcome friendly and good service. we all dressing as soon as possible. yap, we ready to the Goa Pindul Zone :D 
You Must Try it :D
woww :D

wanna try it ? :D

Good :D's not enough. in Goa Pindul we also get "Wedang Jahe" after we all wet hahaaa... and of course we enjoy with traditional music and delicious lunch. hmmmm yummy :D hahaha
Na na na..before I tell you about next our schedule in Yogyakarta. I want tell you something funny that happened in Goa Pindul Restaurant when we ate together. this is...When we all queue to get our lunch, suddenly we all together laughing because our eyes catch "welcome writing" for us like this---> "Selamat Datang di Wirawisata Goa Pindul QUEEN BANDUNG" . oh my God is so Funny :D. we came from UIN bandung but the written is QUEEN BANDUNG :D 

After all activities in Goa Pindul, we continue our traveling to Indrayanti Beach. my head "we wet together again" hahaha :D
during the trip to Indrayanti beach, we enjoy with beautiful view of jogjakarta, nature and art. and during trip also we are on the bus nomber three sing together and karaoke dangdut music. 

Taa Daa...!!! Welcome to the Indrayanti beach   

Hot but so beautiful. big waves , coral and the white make us feel so enjoy and all problem is gone !!!
several student get a picture with beatuful view, but me and others get into the beach and playing water and sand. several boy student playing football in the beach. waw amzing !!!
last but not least, enjoy in Indrayanti beach feel so complete with coconut fresh :) 

So Beautiful, God :) 
We are :)

Let's chek in - Matahari Hotel  

Hoammm :) hehehe, everybody get tired today. and finally we chek in at Matahari Hotel. one by one the group get one key room. and group by group leave lobby to the room as fast as possible. 4 matters, pillow, air conditioner, and the other facilities we get in the hotel. including swimming pool facilities. of course several student get into the pool. (uh, whereas lust time in the beach we swimming , oh no hahaha)

almost forgotten, in the hotel we arrival guest froum UIN Sunan Kalijaga Yogyakrta. they come six student, three girl and three others are boy. and start 07.00 o'clock we discussed together in the auditorium hotel about program from each campus.

In that discussion also there are debriefing season, and the crew gave surprised for several categories of participant. that is "Ter bawel" , "Ter diam" dll. that so funny :D

Situation Of Our Discuss
The Facilitator
UIN Bandung (left)-UIN Jogjakarta (Right)
The winner of Participant "Ter-Bawel" :D

and finally, we get sleep at 11 o'clock. and then wake up at the dawn, pray subuh. at 07.00 we get breakfast together with delicious food and sweet coffee and tea :) yummy ...
and at 08.00 morning, we leave the hotel and ready to go to Borobudur Template.

The Awesome Borobudur 

At 11 o'clock we arrived In Borobudur. awesome, beautiful. we get story of Borobudur from the guide, take a picture, around the borobudur, brought some merchandise, and happy together.

Welcome to Borobudur :)

Borobudur Handsome :)
Awesome :)

Oh Bakpia Oh

our next schedule is going to Taman Pintar and malioboro. but firstly we arrived at Bakpia Shop, that is in "Bakpia Djava" . in this shop we not just brought bakpia and other as traditional food from jogja, but also we can enjoy the live show from the employee of that shop who make Bakpia in traditional. so beautiful :)
Bakpia oh Bakpia, welcome :)
Traditional Process 
So Crowded

Maybe Next  to Taman Pintar, but This is for You "MALIOBORO" :D

actually our next schedule go to Taman Pintar, but the weather is rain and we got jammed on the way. so we late come to Taman Pintar and finally we directly went to Malioboro.
In Malioboro, all student get "busy" but have fun :), several from them brought so many merchandise Jogja, but several student just "Window Shoping" like me :) hehehe

well, i think enough. thank's

happy visit Jogja :D  



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