Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Beautiful Error

One Of All is My Name
Ok. start with smile in front of my laptop. like this----> :) 
Everyone in the world do anything to get the happiness and success. Though everyone has different perception think about that. maybe for one person happiness and success that is get much money, good car, house. or maybe for others happiness and success is get the good  Job. it's depend on you, on everyone.

Talk about the Job. I have a the most unique and not forgotten experience about it. last morning on 7th February 2013 at 08.00 o'clock P.M. I went to Wahana Bakti Post Building. Not for send a packet for someone trough post media. But I came for Interview test. yap 'The Interview test".

Let's I bring you to the flash back situation. Last Tuesday on 5th February 2012 at 20.00 o'clock P.M. I got one message in my mobile phone. That message from my friend Syifa, I believe you don't know her :D. it's ok. She gave me information about the Presenter Casting in one new Television's Media.that is Mediatama Net.  "bring value Transcript, photo, CV, Pencil and ID". well spontaneously I answer "Yes I will join that audition".


But suddenly I think again and again, I remember that my hair is so long and must be shaven to join the audition. not just that, I also must print my new photo and buy pencil. hmmm...the time show me about 09.00 o'clock. hope there was a shaven place that still open.and not waiting for a long time, I went outside to looking for the print photo and shaven place. yes, about 200 m from my house there was a print place, and I tried to print my photo. but oh my god, I can't print my photo because there is nothing Photo Paper in that print place. while the time showed me more and more night. 
well, finely I went to looking for the shaven place firstly. when I looking for the shaven place on the road, nothing the shaven place that open, all closed. silent and stand up for a moment think again how I can cut my long hair. The conclusion is "This struggle not yet Finished" :D. I ride the public transportation and on the way my eyes always looked to the right and left, yeah I looking for the open of The shaven place. and finally about 22.00 o'clock P.M I got the open of shaven place and I can cut my long hair for join the audition.

After that, back to the next preparation that is print my photo and buy the 2B pencil. and finally I get the 24 hours Internet shop and I can print my photo, and of course I also found the 24 hour shop and brought the 2B pencil :). Back to my bedroom and I Prepared my custom for the audition. finished and about 00.30 A.M I can sleep and ready to wake up on the dawn because the audition held on 07.00 morning.

                                                        Hot Room, is Not My Room

well, I' am ready going to the audition. The time showed me about 06.00 morning, with optimism I'm going to the presenter audition with my friend desti by public transportation. finally we arrived at Wahana Bakti Post building on the 8th floor. because the audition held there. take the form registration, and get the registration number. Desti and I have a sit and join with other participant. and about 09.00 P.M we all together the participant came to the test room that is one big auditorium that full with chair test chair. About 10.00 P.M we all got Knowledge test that is 60 question with time 45 minute. WOW...!!! amazing it's really knowledge test :D hahahaha...

The time is offer, the knowledge test has done. but we must face on 2 psychology test in the next test. well, enough make me feel so hot. especially in my head -_- . suddenly from the behind chair Desti hit me with her hand. "what's wrong?" I said. desti laughter and tell me that The room when we test for that time is not for presenter audition, but that room for NEW EMPLOYEE TEST. Oh my God we wrong entered the room. but the test on going. well finally I tell to desti to join continue the test and we can join audition the last time.

the test knowledge and psychology has done. completely make my head so confused and so HOT Situation. But it's so funny hahaha..because Desti and me came not for apply the new employee test, we came for join to the audition.
Double Surprised       

When we Join the presenter audition. we GET THE BIG SURPRISED. what's that? hmm... Desti and I can apply more the presenter audition. because that audition just for S1 or pass graduate. but we happy can tried that audition :).
suddenly, from outside casting room there is announcement from the crew. that is result the new employee test has done and we all can check it. Desti and I optimist can not pass the test because we are on the 4th semester. while the test just for the fresh graduate.
But when we check it, it's really surprised for me because my name there. I pass the test. oh my God hahaha... i can believe it, I can pass the test. But desti not.
But wait...!!! I'm on the 4th semester's student. I can get it. I reported to the crew and tell them that I can take it because I'm is 4th semester's student. but the crew answer I must come because I get the high score in that that test. Good Job :D hahahaa

0n 7th February , I get interview because I can pass the test on the 6th February. and do you know, in that interview my name has called direcly to the interview test, whereas the others must be fulfill the specification choice. in the interview room, I got so much experience, I explore my self, although I can pass the interview test because I still study on the 4th semester. But it's so AMAZING EXPERIENCE for me :D

"your english good, your result of test is great, if you are the Fresh graduated we can Accept you to join with us. but I'm sorry you still study. we support you to study, always spirit okay !!!" the juries talked to me in the last time.

I'm So happy :D :D :D    


  1. so, wich one the beautifull error in this story? really, i don't understand with the title, ^_^

    over all, it's nice story.