Tuesday, January 22, 2013


As we know Indonesia is a big country, beautiful country and a beneficial country. Indonesian people has a joke "Tanah kayu dan batu jadi tanaman" it's mean The earth ,woods, and stone can be plant, can be a source of life.
The tourism Indonesia so rich and beautiful, from earth and sea. flora and fauna. and so on.
but the big question is, when indonesia will be one of all from the First Country or developed country.
we all can see, unemployment and poverty very widespread in Indonesia. and of course that phenomenon bring so many factor of trouble in a social life of Indonesia Citizen. one of all that is The Crime.

Guys, we as young generation. as youth generation of this country. will us just watch all of this problem?of course everybody who gets that question will give a same answer. "no, we will take action". well, it's good for a moment.
from that fact, it's so sad that our country is a rich and big country but crime, unemployment and poverty still stay comfortably in our beloved country.
so what the problem guys?
 in my opinion the problem is Laziness.  I think the crime, unemployment and poverty in indonesia has come because of Laziness.
God create us as a perfect person. god give us excess then another creature in the universe. one  of all god give us a great thing in our boy that is mind.
so many people who become unemployment and get poverty said, "the competition is a fierce" or "we just stupid person" or "we finished struggle but always field" or etc.
as i said before that we are a great creature who God create in the universe. we is a creature choice, we are the winner.
the point that become that problem because we usual with our laziness. we usual to delay what we can do at the time as on time. we usual faster to give up.
well guys, start now. let's try to spirit to do the best what we can do. each people have a different  ability. we create by God with differentiation. so what you wait for?
let's move and take action. study hard, tray hard, and pray hard.
get a good life , get better then before.  


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