Monday, January 7, 2013

A Short Story of Y2S

I have two best friends in my town, pelabuhanratu sukabumi. We all are boy. We made our gathering with name Y2S. That is a lenght from Yedi, Yosef, adn saepul. Yeah, that are our name. We know each other since we are on the elementary school. Every moment we doing together, studying, traveling, and paying any kinde of games we can do.
After passing the elementary school. We collect together and school on the same junior high school. SMPN 1 Cikakak it’s our junior high school in 2005. Yedi and I going to be a classmate. But Yosef, he join with another class according enouncements from the head master of the school.
In that time, our friendship more like a family than before. We often talking together about our dreams, what we can do in the future and everything. We lough together and happy always happy.

After passing junior high school, we each other get separate. Yedi got Senior High school in the town, that is at BAHARI Vocational School. same like a marine education. And then Yosef got school in the town too. That is at senior High School 1 Cikakak. And I got school in the other city, I’m went to sukabumi city and got my education in the SMK N 1 Sukabumi. That is technical education.
But we always maintain our communication. We often talking by phone, message or sometime we chatting together on the social network.
And now, yedi was going to Singapore and got a job there. Catch fish in the Singapore and leave our town and country. Yosef build a minimarket in the town with his mother. And me, I’m still studying, and get the scholarship in the Islamic State University Bandung on the Journalist Program until today.
To be continued


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