Monday, January 7, 2013

I have Alot of Dreams

January 2013 has come. Holiday in my face. Smile from my lips always come every I think about it. Holiday oh holiday. I can break my be loved activities, I can break my soul from all  dirty of activities pollution.
This year, as usually every holiday end semester test. I will go to my town. From my Amazing Bandung to My wonderful Pelabuhanratu, sukabumi.Honestly, I write it. I have iat my beloved hose. My heaven in the world. At home with family. Mother, father, brothers and sister.
Well, may be you can’t found something special in my house. Whatever, for me all of my house is special. One of all if you come to my bedroom. The left of the door you will found a picture on the wall. Just
a picture, really picture. That is a picture of 9 country that I printed it on paper and I posted on the wall.
There are a picture of Dubai Emirate Arab, Malaysia, Singapore, England, Japan, Korea, Holland, USA, and Paris. Yes, that are my dreams. I fell spirit when I’m see the picture that I posted it. I have a dream to go there all of the country that I posted. And I believe God going to make all my dreams come trues.
Well, I know everyone in the world has a dream or may be a lot of dreams. The dreams is one of all that can make everyone move and struggle. Study and study hard. Try and try and try never feel tired. Make everyone has a vision and mission to face on the live. Although everyone knows not forever their dreams can be came true.
To do something more far away. One step to start it that is we must brave to make our dreams. Dreams is free. Got not take anything from us because we make a dream. Someone tell me about the dreams. “to get a success you must brave to dream. But the question is, do you have start make your dreams? Do you have write your dreams? Do you have struggle your dreams?...”
Yap. I know I believe and I’m sure. For today i write my dreams, all my dreams. From the little until the big dreams. and someday I will become somebody who can make all my dreams can come true J
Chirul Tanjung ever said, “Today we Nobady, but someday we are Somebody…”